Kuda Bandos

Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB)  with Sea Explorers Dive School and Marine Resource Centre conducted an Environment Awareness Program on  Kuda Bandos Island. All the Primary Schools from Male participated with a total of 98 students, and 28 teachers and supervisors. .


Volunteers from Sea Explorers Dive School which included members of many Non Governmental Organizations working in the Maldives such as Volunteers Services Overseas (VSO), UN , JOCV and  other well-wishers went to Kuda Bandos early in the morning to set up the activities . On the Island banners where hung with information about the environment,  information on protected species, why it is protected, the impact of human activity on the ocean.

In the shallow lagoon  an area was marked off for introductory diving . All the  Instructors and Dive Masters where the most of the day busy with taking the children for a "Spin" in hip deep water with SCUBA. Some of the children managed to sneak in a second go.  At the same time Volunteers where  helping the children with snorkelling.  Each Child was provided a Mask and a Snorkel and for those who wanted, fins or a kick board. Volunteers took the children in the lagoon and reef edge to show  the marine environment first hand.

 End of the day there was an environment Quiz based on information from the banners. The childeren where guided to read the banners by the MRC Resource persons during lunch break. The Quiz was well received as the groups discussed and vied for answers. In the end the Quiz Master decided that all the groups had won and a small token gift was given to all the children for participation.

This day would not have been  possible with out the help of many... We thank Bandos Island resort who looked after us by providing the lunch, drinks and tea.  Minister of Tourism Mr. Hassan Sobir, Minister of Education Dr. Latheef, minister of Construction and Public Works Mr. Umar Zahir, Deputy Minister of Tourism Mr. Mohamed Saeed.