Dive For Earth Day 2007
22nd April 2007

On Dive for earth Day Sea Explorers Dive School helped with a clean up dive organized by Maldivers. 
15 divers of the Dive School went and dived Old Shark point and helped taking garbage from the dive site. The dive site was rather clean and taking care of the depth and current we collected 9 bags of garbage.

14 buddy Pairs

9 bags of garbage.

Sea Explorers dive School wants to thank the following Participants:
Ali Mohamed, Moosa Jameel, Shifaz Ibrahim, Abdulla Saeed, Hussain Mamdhoon, Haamid Firdhos, Mohamed Siraaj, Hussain Ali, Shiath Naseer, Muhaimin Abdulla, Mohamen Zakariya, Mohamed Niyaz Ibrahim, Hushiam Hassan, GertJan van Weert.

Golden Jubilee Jamboree
8th National Scout jamboree
Hulhumalé, Republic of Maldives
15th - 19th April 2007

The National Scout Association asked Sea Explorers Dive School to be a facilitator in this event and we have agreed. On the days, Sea Explorers Dive School was there to provide the scouts an experience in SCUBA diving under safe and controlled conditions. We had a total of 15 Rescue Divers Dive Masters and Instructors helping out to give as many scouts as possible a taste of SCUBA Diving. over the 5 day event we had 921 scouts gone in to the water and trying out the SCUBA. All of the scouts whom had a try came out enthusiastic and the most heard comment was .. COOL..

All Scouts had to register to get 
there cards signed off

The Equipment is ready to be
used by the scouts

The Scouts in the water with the 

Sea Explorers Dive School is thanking the following rescue Divers, Dive Masters and Instructors for there help:
Abdulla Hussain, Moosa Jameel, Naushad, Shifaz Ibrahim, Mohamed Niyaz Ibrahim, Abdul Wahid, Hameed Ahmed, Abdulla Saeed, Hussain Mamdhoon, Hussain Ziyad, Mohamed Siraj, Muhaimin, Ali Miuraj, Fathun, Asraf Hussain, Azneena, Ali Khaleel, Haja, GertJan van Weert.